Bathroom odor

Where does bathroom odor come from?

What is the origin of bathroom odor? To put it simply, bathroom odor is created by the presence of decaying bodily fluids, mold, mildew and soap scum. Bodily fluids like feces and urine create smells in bathrooms because as they break down over time the remaining bacteria penetrates deep into substrates like stone, tile, concrete and painted surfaces. This saturates the substrate and topical cleaning cannot get rid of the source of the odor. Mold and mildew are caused by the presence of moisture, darkness and a food source such as dust, soap scum or other material that gets below the surface of the substrate. 

Common methods used to address bathroom odor and their limitations

Bleach is often used to address odor. It requires extensive and repeated applications and it does not remove all of the odor causing elements that are embedded in the marble, tile, concrete or painted surface.

Harsh chemicals such as TSP, SimpleGreen and deep scrubbing also work to mask odor in the short term but require multiple continuous applications. They are rarely, if ever, able to penetrate deep enough to stop odor in the long term.

All of the above are topical solutions.

Bathrooms in schools and commercial buildings are often continuously vented in order to reduce odor. This impacts energy usage because it removes air conditioned air from the building. In residential and commercial settings air freshener dispensers are used to mask smells. While this can be effective the underlying issue is not resolved and there can often be an unpleasant smell created by the unholy blend of the opposing “sweet and sour” smells.

Why the RexShield family of products works 

The RexShield Tile system is designed to close the pores in grout and tile so that there is no place for odor causing substances to become embedded.  RexShield Tile penetrates down into the grout and tile creating a dense matrix. It also creates a glass-like film on the outer surface that prevents mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria to adhere. This also makes it easy to clean because rather than using enzymes, baking soda, vinegar and other common grout cleaning chemicals a simple cleaner such as Safety Clean can be used. This allows you to use a kid-friendly, and non-toxic cleaner that will effectively and easily remove any surface contamination.

What to expect from your RexTech Applicator

Step 1. The work area needs to be free of all unattached materials such as shampoo bottles or other equipment

Step 2. There will be a thorough and deep restorative cleaning performed using an extractor which uses hot water, pressure, disinfecting agents and vacuuming process. 

Step 3. Adjacent areas where RexShield is not applied will be protected via masking

Step 4. The RexShield application will be applied once the surface is dry using the appropriate tools for any given area. It is typically a one coat process, though it can be two coats such as with RexShield Concrete. There is a 4 hour drying period after which light traffic is allowed. Protective materials can be removed at this point.

Step 5. A full cure is achieved within 5-7 days. During this time light traffic only can be done, no cleaning agents or other chemicals other than water should come in contact with the surface at this time.  

Ongoing maintenance

1. No harsh brushes are necessary. These don’t need to be used because odor causing matter is prevented from being embedded in the substrate. 

2. Only a topical cleaning from now on will be needed. RexPro’s Safety Clean has been specifically designed to provide the best maintenance protocol for this coating. Acceptable agents would also include neutral floor soaps with a light disinfectant. RexShield is incredibly chemical resistant so it will not degrade with most cleaners. Rather, harsh cleaners that are toxic are not needed and this is why we discourage their use on our coatings. 

3. When properly applied and maintained RexPro warrants our RexShield products for a period of 5 years against yellowing, delamination and premature wear.

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