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Challenges with Vinyl Floors

Are you considering vinyl restoration? Vinyl floors become dirt stained over time due to foot traffic and other daily wear. Standard finishes on vinyl also turn yellow over time. Vinyl floors can also be quite slippery when wet. Furthermore, unlike stone and tile, since vinyl is a softer resilient composite material it is more prone to scratching and other abrasion. Due to the above issues VCT, LVT, LVP, sheet vinyl, and welded seam vinyl require extensive maintenance to maintain functionality and appearance.

Stripping and Refinishing Vinyl Floors

Stripping and refinishing is the traditional way to maintain vinyl floors. This approach to vinyl restoration, however, is costly, time-consuming, disruptive and it generates a toxic waste product. A significant percentage of stripped vinyl is considered to be hazardous waste and must be disposed of accordingly. Also, floor finishes used in this process will yellow over time. Lastly, they must be refinished on a regular basis, which, depending on the application, is a 7 coat process.

Occasionally, urethanes are used to seal vinyl floors. This is a very costly method and to strip or refinish urethane coatings on vinyl requires extensive labor and material requirements. Repairs are also difficult to blend with this process.

How RexShield Works and why it is better

The RexShield Vinyl restoration system is a single coat process. There is no burnishing or buffing necessary during or after the installation. It is also an extremely thin application while still providing excellent wear resistance. This means it never needs to be stripped. Instead, in places like high traffic areas, it can be easily repaired over time while showing a virtually invisible fix. There is no ugly build up of material along walls or in corners. Compared to stripping and refinishing or urethane applications it takes less time to apply and is more effective over time.

1. Bonding and Flexing

The RexShield Vinyl system works by creating a covalent bond to the vinyl substrate which is also flexible enough to match the resilience of the tile. If a heavy desk or chair is placed upon RexShield Vinyl over a vinyl floor, the RexShield Vinyl product will contour to the vinyl and bounce back to its original shape without delaminating.

2. Slip Resistance

The RexShield Vinyl slip coefficient when wet is 0.75. A standard vinyl when wet is below 0.5.

3. Yellowing and Dirt Stains

Dirt does not absorb into the RexShield Vinyl restoration product so it does not show dirt stains. RexShield Vinyl is inorganic so it is non-yellowing

4. Abrasion resistance

RexShield Vinyl is incredibly hard and abrasion resistant. This is because it is composed of a silica compound, or ceramic formulation, which makes it highly resistant to wear and abrasion.

How RexShield Vinyl is applied

1. Pre-existing coatings, including manufacturer finish must be completely removed. This is done by traditional stripping methods using abrasion and stripping chemicals. All adjacent surfaces must be protected and floor must be allowed to fully dry.

2. To tighten the floor, or elevate surface tension the floor is typically buffed to maximize gloss and uniformity of the RexShield Vinyl coating.

3. The RexShield Vinyl product is then applied in a one coat application using the prescribed application technique based upon job conditions.

4. The surface can have light traffic within one hour. A full cure is achieved within 3 days. During the curing process only water should be used to clean the surface.


1. No harsh brushes or cleaning chemicals are necessary.

2. Only a topical cleaning from now on will be needed. RexPro’s Safety Clean has been specifically designed to provide the best maintenance protocol for this coating. Acceptable agents would also include neutral floor soaps with a light disinfectant. RexShield Vinyl is incredibly chemical resistant so it will not degrade with most cleaners. Rather, harsh cleaners that are toxic are not needed and this is why we discourage their use on our coatings.

3. When properly applied and maintained RexPro warrants our RexShield Vinyl products for a period of 5 years against yellowing, delamination and premature wear.

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