Metal Corrosion

Rust Prevention – Stop Corrosion of Metal with RexShield Metal

Most metals will oxidize or rust in the presence of air, fresh water or salt water. Due to this, metals are painted, sealed or protected in a variety of other ways to increase their longevity. Ferrous metal such as steel rust due to oxidation. Non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum oxidize. That is why copper never keeps its coppery color for very long. 

The most common way to stop corrosion is to apply a topical coating over the metal. This will slow down the metal breakdown for a short time but due to the lack of a chemical link to the metal these coatings eventually break down.

The RexShield Metal coating system creates a molecular bond with metals, which, unlike standard coatings, will not delaminate as it is integrally linked with the metal substrate. The RexShield Metal system will stop corrosion on the following metals:


-Stainless Steel




-Cast Iron

 -Galvanized metals

-Painted Metal


Application Methods:

1. Metal substrate must be free from oxidation, and delaminating material such as paint or or chipping metal

2. Contaminants such as grease, salt or other foreign substances should be cleaned from surface.

3. A light abrasion with a  green scotch pad or similar grit (600 grit or higher) will enhance bonding.

4. A final wipe with alcohol or acetone will ensure any remaining debris or contaminants have been removed.


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