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The Challenge of Metal Corrosion

Ferrous metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, iron or alloy steel have iron in them which creates rust and oxidation. Non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum are subject to oxidation. Virtually all metals will become  corroded, or disfigured when exposed to various acids or salts. Due to this, metals are typically coated to preserve their structural integrity.

Traditional metal coatings


Paints such as enamels, powder coating and epoxies are applied to metals to preserve their longevity. Whether in marine, heavy machinery, transportation or shipping massive amounts of paints are used to prevent steel from rusting and aluminum from corroding. Paint is a topical coating which can flake or chip. It is also subject to oxidation, the very same process that is trying to prevent on the metal underneath it. Due to this it is considered to be a sacrificial coating that has to be reapplied on a regular basis.

Other Coatings

Urethanes, acrylics, and lacquers will often have a stronger bond than paints. They are still subject to flaking, chipping and oxidation. They are also considered to be a sacrificial coating that has to be reapplied regularly.


In this process steel is dipped into molten zinc which bonds to the steel and creates enhanced protection. Galvanization cannot be done onsite and any items requiring a treatment have to be brought to an offsite location. 

RexShield Metal and How it Works

RexShield Metal penetrates into the surface capillaries of metal via a covalent bond. This means that it becomes inseparable from the surface of the metal. Because it is applied in such a thin layer on metals it does not change the way the metal was meant to look. If applied on brand new copper after 5 years the copper will look the the same as the day it was applied.

Common Applications for RexShield Metal

Architectural Applications

Metal railings, bridges, marine structures, exposed beams, gutters, light fixtures and air conditioning equipment can all be protected with RexShield Metal.

Automotive and Transportation Applications

Rail cars, trucks, heavy equipment, rims, and other automotive metals can all be protected with RexShield Metal.

Marine Applications

Yachts, freighters, cruise ships and any other vessel that is exposed to salts can greatly benefit from the protective properties of RexShield Metal.


1. No harsh brushes or cleaning chemicals are necessary.

2. Only a topical cleaning from now on will be needed. RexPro’s Safety Clean has been specifically designed to provide the best maintenance protocol for this coating. Acceptable agents would also include neutral soaps with a light disinfectant. RexShield Metal is incredibly chemical resistant so it will not degrade with most cleaners. Rather, harsh cleaners that are toxic are not needed and this is why we discourage their use on our coatings. 

3. When properly applied and maintained RexPro warrants our RexShield Metal products for a period of 5 years against yellowing, delamination and premature wear.


Can you use RexShield Metal to coat bolts to prevent rust?

Yes, steel bolts when exposed to air, salt or water over time will start to oxidize and rust. Once this happens it can become increasingly difficult to screw and unscrew the bolts. Even though repeated abrasion can wear down the RexShield coating the bolts will last much longer. RexShield Metal is a transparent penetrating sealer that prevents moisture and oxygen from coming in contact with the surface of the metal. This prevents rust and oxidation.

How does RexShield Metal compare to other rust prevention coatings?

RexShield metal is an ideal rust prevention coating because it penetrates into the metal while also creating a protective film on its surface. Most rust prevention coatings like paint just bond to the surface. RexShield’s bond is a deeper covalent bond that prevents flaking and pealing. By penetrating into the metal it creates a long lasting protection that is also harder. In addition, it restores the original luster of the metal.

Can I use RexShield Metal to restore my grill and prevent it from rusting?

Yes, RexShield Metal can be used on any part of a grill. It can even be used on the parts that come in direct contact with heat as it can withstand more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a light abrasive to remove existing rust or discoloration and then apply RexShield metal with a microfiber. It will restore the original appearance as it “eats” oxidation. 

How does RexShield Metal compare to oiling metal to prevent rust?

Using oils on metal has been used for centuries because it prevent oxygen from coming into contact with metal. That said, the oil sits on the surface and, because it is organic, will break down over time. It is a very temporary solution that cannot withstand cleaning. RexShield Metal will withstand unlimited cleanings and all atmospheric conditions. This includes marine environments. RexShield Metal is inorganic and penetrates into the metal. It also, creates an incredibly hard protective film on the surface of the metal. This prevents both oxygen and abrasion from breaking down metals.

How does RexShield Metal compare to using paint to stop metal from rusting?

The use of paint is a temporary way to prevent rust. It does not penetrate into the metal, it just sits on the surface. Over time, through abrasion and break down of the paint it will lose its bond. In addition, most paints are subject to fading from UV light. RexShield Metal is not affected by sunlight or UV breakdown. It will also not flake or peel off because of its deep penetration into metals. 

Can RexShield Metal be used as a rust prevention spray for metal? 

Yes, RexShield Metal can be applied with a microfiber or sprayed with a variety of sprayers. The simplest way to spray it is with a pump sprayer but it can also be applied with an airless sprayer or HVLP. There is often less material waste when RexShield Metal is rolled or wiped on a surface but this is not always practical. Some metals like heavy machinery, tools, gears and other equipment do not have smooth surfaces. It is therefore much easier to just spray these surfaces. Be sure to spray from the bottom up and don’t overspray or you can get drips!

Will RexShield Metal prevent iron from rusting?

Yes, iron is highly susceptible to rusting and RexShield can greatly improve the longevity of iron. It does this by penetrating into the surface of iron so that it cannot oxidize. 

What is the best paint to apply to metals to prevent rust?

There are a wide variety of paints used on metals to prevent rust. This includes enamels, organic paints, powder coatings and epoxies. Eventually, due to their surface bond most paints will wear down and degrade. One of the best paints to use on metal is a mineral based paint because they use silicates which have a longer life expectancy. 

Can RexShield Metal be applied to painted metals?

Yes, RexShield Metal will improve the bond of paints to metal. It will also make them harder. For aesthetics it will restore the brilliance of a faded paint. There is some preparation required, such as a light abrasion with a scotch guard, or similar. Contact our technical staff for more information.

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