Prevent Floor Stains

The Problem of Surface Staining

Do you need to prevent floor stains in your home or business? Most walking surfaces are susceptible to staining and discoloration from a variety of different substances. The most common staining categories are:

1. Foods – The acids in food such as in ketchup, wine, vinegar, beverages, pickle juice and mustard cause floors to “etch” or stain. Similarly pigments in foods such as in wine, berries, mustard, beets, or foods with added food coloring will stain floors. Food grade oils and grease can also penetrate into a variety of floor types and discolor the. Porous floor materials such as tile, grout, concrete, pavers, marble and limestone can all be stained if not properly protected.

2. Oils – Petroleum based products such as gasoline, motor oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid can all stain floors.

3. Water – Hard water can stain cementitious surfaces as well as a variety of other natural and man-made floor materials. When the water evaporate it leaves behind the dissolved minerals from the water, particularly, calcium and lime, which chemically interact with and attach themselves to substrates. This creates discoloration and a chemical change to the floor.


Cleaning Stained Substrates

Before any preventative application is completed on any substrate it must first be properly cleaned and the stains must be removed. The variables in soil and stain removal are as innumerable as the conditions and agents that cause stains. Please consult other areas of our site for how to prevent floor stains on surfaces such as concrete, tile, grout and stone.


How RexShield Prevents Surface Staining

RexShield prevents floor stains by closing the pores of porous substrates. Unlike a topical sealer which rests on top of the substrate RexShield does the majority of its work within the substrate. RexShield does leave a thin glass-like layer on the top of any substrate it is applied to but it is the penetration done underneath that creates long lasting stain resistance. Whether applied to tile, stone or concrete pavers RexShield is incredibly resistant to staining, discoloration, disfiguration or chemical breakdown. This means that even strong acids like muriatic acid become inert when they come in contact with RexShield. Similarly, automotive oils  and food grade oils will not affect, discolor or break down RexShield products.


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