RexShield Wood Teak Sealer

The Challenge of Teak and Other Woods

The perfect teak sealer has been searched for forever because wood is beautiful but it breaks down over time. Teak and most other woods will last perfectly well indoors with regular cleaning and maintenance. In an exterior setting all woods are subject to the combination of sun, oxygen, extreme heat and cold and thermal cycling. Oxygen itself will deplete the fibers of wood and sunlight, salt, and water creating a perfect storm of attack to wood.  



Traditional teak sealers

Teak oil, Linseed oil, Tung Oil

Teak oil, linseed oil, and tung oil are sacrificial coatings that are recommended to be applied every 90 days. They do temporarily prevent oxygen from breaking down exterior woods. While these solutions do work they require frequent reapplication and do not have excellent stain resistance or abrasion resistance.



Spar varnish

Spar varnishes are an alkalide polyurethane, an oil based product that tends to deepen the color of woods. Some come in different gloss levels. Initially spar varnishes create good protection for about 6 months.  After that they start to generate cracks and fissures on top the wood. This is caused by the wood breathing underneath as it absorbs and releases moisture. Spar varnish is a coating that starts to dry and get brittle with time. As the natural oils in the wood extends to the surface of the wood it causes the varnish to lose its bond. This creates a patchy look which ultimately has to be sanded and reapplied.




RexShield Wood and How it Works

Blends with Oils in Woods

RexShield Wood is a unique teak sealer because it blends with the oils in wood. This prevents it from flaking off and creating a patchy look. It links with the oils in the wood. The fibrous content of the wood is converted into a ceramic like structure that can naturally breathe. This allows moisture to pass through the coating and allows for the flexibility of the wood. It is not brittle so it does not separate and flake off. It also blocks the water, moisture UV light and oxygen that breaks down woods.


RexShield Wood can be applied to the following woods:





-Tiger Wood




-And more…


Application Methods

1. Sand down the wood with a 220 grit sandpaper to remove any existing coatings or oils.

2. Apply 1st coat with a spray bottle and wipe down with a microfiber. This allows the RexShield Wood to penetrate deep into the fibers.
3. Apply 2nd coat with a spray bottle and wipe down with a microfiber. This coat will repel UV light, improve abrasion resistance, provide excellent color retention and stop staining.


How long does the RexShield Wood teak sealer last?

It lasts a minimum of a year in direct sun exposure such as in Florida, California or in other hot or cold regions. Not all teaks are the same in quality and this is a factor in the longevity of the sealer on the surface. Inferior teak woods or other woods will not last as long and will require a more frequent application.


How do I clean wood that has had the RexShield Wood teak sealer applied to it?

Surfaces can simply be hosed down and wiped dry. It is not necessary to use aggressive cleaners though RexShield Wood is highly chemical resistant.


Will the RexShield Wood teak sealer prevent staining?

Yes, it is highly resistant to oils, acids, ketchup, mustard, wine, blood and sun tan lotions.


Can the RexShield Wood teak sealer prevent wood changing to a grey color from UV light?

Yes, RexShield Wood has a UV blocker so that UV light will not break down the outer layer of wood. It will not change color while the sealer is still effective.


How do you reapply the RexShield Wood teak sealer?

Clean the surface and simply spray it and wipe it down with a microfiber. The RexShield wood sealer does not dry in the bottle or spray orifice so it can be used regularly as needed without getting a new bottle.

Will the RexShield Wood teak sealer change the color of my wood surface?

It may make the color slightly richer or deeper but there is minimal overall change.






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