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Benefits of RexShield CounterGuard

RexShield CounterGuard is designed to penetrate deep into the pores and capillaries of stone in order to prevent the countertop surface from being stained. RexShield CounterGuard will not make the stone coat countertops darker or lighter. This reduces maintenance and repair costs over time.

Stone Countertop Challenges

Time to stop staining on your countertop! One of the primary challenges with stone countertops is how easily they can be stained. Whether its marble, quartzite, granite, quartz or a variety of other stone surfacing, many staining agents can wreak havoc on countertops. Some of the common staining acids are ketchup, vinegar, wine, lemon juice and mustard. Even water and oil can stain countertops. To remove an existing stain from a countertop can be an expensive process that requires a skilled tradesman to polish and feather out an existing countertop so that the restoration is unnoticeable. This does not prevent future stains, it merely removes the existing stain. There are a variety of products on the market that are used to protect countertops and stop staining. In the product instructions they make no claims its ability to stop staining when an agent is sitting on the surface of the countertop over time.

Due to the way RexShield Counterguard Stone Coat Countertops sealer solution penetrates into stone, it makes the stone harder and denser. This is part of the reason why it stops countertop staining.

Even more Benefits of RexShield CounterGuard

1. Does not change the look of the stone

Many sealers and film sheets change the look of countertop stone. They can often have a plastic look that dulls the polish. Stone countertops are honed to a 3000 grit polish at great expense. RexShield CounterGuard does not change the appearance of a countertop. It can even enhance the level of polish.

2. Does not change the color

Many countertop sealers and films will darken the color of a countertop. This is considered to be a “richer” color by some, but, with lighter countertops it can take away from a bright color. RexShield CounterGuard will not make the countertop darker or lighter.

3. Stops Countertop Staining

RexShield CounterGuard is incredibly stain resistant and has been tested for up to 4 hours of contact with strong staining agents like balsamic vinegar, wine and ketchup. Like other manufacturers we recommend you wipe away staining products immediately but you will have much better protection with RexShield CounterGuard. In addition, if there is any remaining mark after an extended period of time there is a simple method to polish and reapply the sealer to completely hide any residual impact on the stone.

4. Makes the stone harder – densifier and impregnator

Due to the way it penetrates into stone, RexShield CounterGuard makes the stone harder and denser. This is part of the reason why it stops countertop staining.

5. Does not need to be stripped for reapplication

Many countertop sealers have to be stripped before they are applied. The beauty of RexShield CounterGuard is that it can be applied directly to itself even after a short interval. It is very thin but super strong.

6. Improves Scratch Resistance

Because it makes the stone denser and harder it makes the countertop much more scratch resistant. we still don’t recommend cutting directly on your countertop but chance scrapes will be less likely to scratch the surface. This reduces maintenance and repair costs over time.

Wine stain sealing test

See how the RexShield CounterGuard nano-ceramic sealer can stop even the most sensitive marbles from staining from wine. Normally wine is like kryptonite to Thassos marble but see how even with abrasion and rubbing the sample applied with RexShield CounterGuard does not stain. We have tested wine, mustard and ketchup for up to 3 hours on our samples with no staining. Try it out today!
RexShield Counterguard Stone Coat Countertops, Concrete Countertop Sealer Wet Look, Stone Coat Countertops Sealer Products

RexPro Counter Sealer

Application demonstration of RexPro’s revolutionary countertop protection technology. This simple to apply sealer will provide the strongest possible protection against staining from things like red wine, coffee, vinegar and other common kitchen items.

Steps on How to Apply RexShield CounterGuard

  1. Clean the countertop with soap and water
  2. Wipe the entire surface with rubbing alcohol
  3. Apply RexShield CounterGuard with fully wetted microfiber sponge
  4. Buff area with dry microfiber to eliminate any lines
  5. Apply second coat in same fashion
  6. Dries almost immediately. Wait 24 hours before applying any chemicals to the surface

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