Slip Resistance

Intro to the Problem of Slip Resistance in Floors

Are you interested in improving your floor’s slip resistance? There are many reasons why slippery floors are something to be avoided. Some floors are only slippery when wet while other floors are slippery all of the time. Not only is there a danger of personal injury to people and animals in your home or in your workplace but there can be substantial liability associated with slippery floors. Slip and fall accidents can generate consider costs. They can raise insurance premiums and create downtime while slippery floors are being remediated.

Traditional Solutions to Improve Floor Slip Resistance

Mechanical Abrasion 


-Extremely effective way of improving slip resistance

-Does not have to be done again in most instances 


-Alters the intended appearance of the floor

-Creates difficulty in cleaning

-Becomes a dirt and microbe trap

-Expensive to maintain, labor intensive

Chemical Abrasion or Etching


-Fast installation

-Very effective at improving slip resistance


-Requires regular reapplication

-Can change appearance especially on glossy floors

-Makes floors more porous so it can increase maintenance costs

Topical coatings with an embedded sand, silica or other media to create a grit


-Effective method to reduce slip resistance

-Can increase or decrease media to have a more precise effect


-Grit can wear down or be scraped off over time

-High traffic areas are most susceptible to wear

-Depending on traffic can be a high frequency of reapplication

-Repairs can often be unsightly or highly visible 

-Specialized in required to clean or else the surface will more quickly

RexShield Family of Products

To achieve a long lasting slip resistance RexShield products are applied on tile, stone, concrete or epoxies in a two step process. The first step is a penetrating or “tack” coat that does the following:

  • reduces surface porosity
  • seals the floor
  • creates a link to the substrate
  • provides a readily bondable surface for the non-slip media and top coat. 

Next, the non-slip media is broadcast and the top coat is applied over the aggregate to lock it in and provide additional protection. This process creates a non-slip floor with the following properties:

1. Ease of maintenance

RexShield offers a unique approach by embedding aggregate between two coats of the RexShield product cleaning tools such as mops and microfibers can be used to clean the surface. This prevents cleaning drag and soil build up. It also reduces the need for industrial cleaning chemicals. A non-toxic cleaning product such as RexPro Safety Clean can be used.

2. Durability 

Due to a high strength substrate bond and exceptional resistance to surface abrasion RexShield does not require frequent reapplication. It can handle high traffic and regular cleaning without the need to reapply in a short time period. 

3. Prevents Mold and Mildew

Since the RexShield system does not create any mechanical abrasion to the surface it does not create voids where dirt and water can collect which eliminates the potential for mold and mildew growth.

RexShield Tile

RexShield Concrete

RexShield Stone

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