Whether you need to restore the luster of an entire shopping plaza or simply freshen the curb appeal of your home, RexPro Sealers & Coatings has a line of products for your specific needs.
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Pavers, tiles, and concrete can all be enhanced by employing the right RexPro coating. ​ The benefits of using the right coating include protecting surfaces from stains, spills, oil leaks, hot tires and providing a longer life by preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Our coatings will greatly reduce the number of times you need to clean the surfaces, giving you more time to enjoy your home.
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Whether new construction, remodeling or an existing surface, our coatings will protect your surface for years to come. ​ Contact us or your Professional RexTech Applicator to find the tailored solution for you.
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Bring your vinyl surfaces back to life with our ultimate protective sealer—fast & easy application with no yellowing of floors over time
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Make your vinyl surfaces look amazing again with long lasting, glossy shine & eliminate the need for continuous waxing
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Provide maximum protection for your investment, save time and money by eliminating the costly maintenance of VCT tiled floors
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