Outdoor elements eventually penetrate the factory finish of every component of every marine vessel of all sizes. We offer a line of revolutionary coatings formulated differently for each feature of your vessel.

Our RexPro Sealers & Coatings marine line creates a glass-like protective barrier between the surface and environmental elements. Our full-line of products creates a “barrier” for everything from delicate engine parts, electronics, instrument panels, to the actual hull and running gear of your craft. Fine wood accents, canvas seating and expensive interiors can be protected too. No vessel is too large or too small and protection can begin at any time.


Due to the science behind our marine line of coatings, the coating can be applied to vessels of any age or color. In many cases, the use of the right coating can even restore existing materials such as gelcoat and porous metals to a new like state. Once coated with our RexPro Sealers & Coatings, the surface will remain beautifully protected for an extensive period of time.


The chemistry behind our marine coatings allows them to create a unique fusion or bond to the marine component being protected. Since this bond is nearly unbreakable, the usual damage causing agents like sun, salt, and abrasion face our glass-like barrier of protection instead of the surface of your vessel.


Protect your investment by contacting us or a Professional RexTech Applicator today.


Protect engine parts, reduced corrosion, and a clean hull result in improved performance and longer vessel life.
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Maximized performance and less drag provide reduced fuel consumption on marine vessels of any size and age.
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Our coatings provide a "glass-like" barrier to protect components of your vessel against harsh environmental elements including ultra-violet rays.
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