Restaurant Flooring Ideas, Restaurant Floor Solutions

Restaurant Flooring Ideas, Restaurant Flooring Solutions

We are experts when it comes to Restaurant Flooring Ideas when considering Restaurant Floor Tile, Restaurant Flooring or restoration. Durable low maintenance and slip resistant solutions.
Restaurant flooring ideas, restaurant floor tile, restaurant flooring restoration & resurfacing solutions
Restaurant flooring ideas, restaurant floor tile, restaurant flooring, restaurant kitchen flooring options

Floor Ideas For Restaurants

A restaurant is about more than just offering delicious food. It must set the mood and create the right ambiance to create a great customer experience. This will keep customers coming back and have them bring their friends! Restaurant floors help elevate the ambiance. The floors need to be attractive for your customers to feel like they came to the right place. They must also be functional, safe and easy to clean. The choice of restaurant flooring depends upon the type of restaurant you run and the theme you would like to create. Floors can be made of different materials such as Vinyl, Concrete, Wood, tile and even Carpet. It all depends on which flooring you are opting for and the maintenance and durability you want to have. When choosing flooring for your restaurant, it is about more than just aesthetics. You have to ensure that your floor surface is durable, low maintenance and slip resistant. There are many restaurant floor options to choose from. Let us look into the available options to find the best one for you.

Restaurant Flooring Ideas

Different floor materials have different properties. Some are rough while others tend to look polished. Restaurants tend to use more durable surfaces like concrete and tile than wood and epoxy. However, you might still face difficulty choosing the best fit for your restaurant, even if the best solution might seem obvious at first. We can help with restaurant flooring ideas, for your dine-in guests and restaurant kitchen flooring options to make every chef happy.
Restaurant flooring ideas, restaurant floor tile, restaurant flooring
Restaurant flooring ideas, restaurant floor tile, restaurant flooring


One of the best options for a restaurant floor is concrete. Concrete comes in many forms and can be polished, stained and sealed. It is a very hard material that has gained in popularity for a creating a more modern look. Some of the decorative concrete finishes can be quite ornate. One drawback to concrete is that it can be quite porous and can therefore stain and break down if not properly sealed. If it is not sealed regularly the sealer can wear in a high traffic application like a restaurant and it can break down. Materials like soy sauce, vinegar, mustard, ketchup and oils can all stain concrete. While acrylics, silicon based “guards” and urethanes are commonly used to seal concrete the RexPro Concrete hybrid sealer both penetrates into concrete while creating a topical film on the surface. It does not allow concrete to stain and is as hard as glass.

Another drawback to concrete floors is that they tend to be a bit slippery when wet. Use additives to give concrete floors a more texture surfaces This makes it safer for both customers and staff to walk on.

One of the best features of concrete is that it can easily fit into the environment of your restaurant and compliment almost any ambiance. It can be virtually any color and imprinted or stamped concrete can be formed into a variety of textures including a tiled look. It can range from looking like stone to even wood. Concrete flooring unquestionably is a great option to create the right look for your restaurant.


Wood flooring brings both warmth and appeal to your restaurant’s look. Wood flooring is made from hardwoods, bamboo, coconut shells or even cork. It is, however, is harder to maintain than tile or concrete and it is much softer. It needs maintenance at least once a year and takes substantial time to be refinished. Downtime in a restaurant means lost money and owners never like that.

A well maintained wood floor flooring makes your entire restaurant look rich and classy. Many restaurants tend to choose flooring made of wood for this very reason. You need to strip and reseal wood floors with polyurethane when it is time for maintenance.

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

When it comes to durability and resistance, Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the best option to go for. This is why you will find most restaurants have ceramic and porcelain tiles. They are widely used for other industries as well as being both classy and hard duty. While they come in almost any shape and size the trend for restaurants has been to go for larger format tiles with thinner grout lines to reduce maintenance. Grout is the achilles heel of tile, and in with the constant spread of grease throughout a restaurant the grout will inevitably take the highest toll. Grout absorbs water, bacteria and odor. There is a solution to completely protect grout and tile.



The RexShield Tile sealer product will penetrate into the surface of grout and tile so that it will last longer and look better for more time.


They do not crack easily or have scratches from furniture and heavy foot traffic. They are available in large quantities and in a variety of styles and colors to choose from.


When choosing flooring for restaurants vinyl is a durable and resilient option that is being used more and more commonly. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of looks for you to choose from. It is also the cheapest flooring one can install in a restaurants. Vinyl has relatively low maintenance costs and it is very easy to clean.



Vinyl installation comes in sheets, tiles and planks. It is comfortable to walk on for both customers and staff due to its softness. This softness, however, is also a downside to the product because it can scratch, stain and attain a dull appearance. One highly effective way to improve the durability and look of vinyl is to use RexShield Vinyl sealer. This is a penetrating sealer that comes in a glossy, satin or matte finish.


Carpets are soft under foot and assist with acoustic control. Unfortunately, they are difficult to clean, and can discolor if not properly maintained. They are not a good pick for high traffic applications. They are often found in hotel restaurants and other similar applications.

Consider RexShield Before Remodeling

If you are reading this article, then unless you are building a new restaurant you are considering a renovation. We would like to suggest some other options before making such an expensive decision. An option like RexShield.

RexPro makes sealers for concrete, tile and vinyl that can restore their original look and keep them performing well for years to come. They greatly enhance the strength of your floors making them more resistant to wear and easier to clean. Here are some reasons why using RexShield products might be a better option then completely renovating your floors.

  • New Look For Far Less Investment: After a thorough cleaning, applying a coat of RexShield will make your floors look new and perform better than when they were first installed.
  • Deep Protection: The RexShield seeps deep into the micropores of your concrete, tile and vinyl sealing them thoroughly. This prevents bacteria, stains and other contaminants getting stuck in the pores of these surfaces.
  • Slip Resistance: Tiles new or old can be very slippery. But RexShield with its unique formula makes your tiles more grippy and less slippery.
  • Easy To Clean: RexShield products prevent foreign agents from adhering to the surface or penetrating inside the substrate. This makes it easy to clean.
  • No Downtime: Renovating your restaurant floor means you’ll have to keep your business closed for quite some time. RexShield installations can be done overnight so there is no downtime.


Different flooring options have different looks and properties. Some, like wood, may have more character, while others, like tile, are more durable. There are many restaurant flooring ideas to choose from if you’re looking for a new look. This includes Vinyl, Concrete, Wood, Tile and Carpet. Your choice must fit your aesthetic and performance needs.

But we recommend you try a thorough cleaning and a good sealer like RexShield before deciding on something as expensive as a complete floor remodel.

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