Vinyl Surfaces

Forget the days of 5, 6, or 10 coats of wax for your VCT floors. Our proven application system will have you smiling for years to come. Save time and money by eliminating the costly maintenance of VCT tiled floors.

Our technologically-advanced, SINGLE APPLICATION silicon-ceramic sealer will form a continuous barrier across interior vinyl floors. This barrier provides maximum protection, prohibits microbial growth, resists staining and the effects of harsh chemicals. The end result provides a long lasting, glossy shine on the treated surface which eliminates the need for continuous waxing.

Our vinyl surface treatment can be applied to VCT, LVT, Engineered Vinyl Tile (including natural stone composite such as limestone and QVT), Vinyl Sheet and Welded Seam Vinyl.


Protect your investment by contacting us or a Professional RexTech Applicator today.


Bring your vinyl surfaces back to life with our ultimate protective sealer—fast & easy application with no yellowing of floors over time
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Make your vinyl surfaces look amazing again with long lasting, glossy shine & eliminate the need for continuous waxing
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Provide maximum protection for your investment, save time and money by eliminating the costly maintenance of VCT tiled floors
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